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5 movies to get you in the WEDDING MODE!

Oh hello, i'm Kate; self confessed wedding movie addict! I love the rom coms, the romantic dramas, the classics, the bridesmaid ones, ALL the wedding movies.

So if you've got a girlie date with your bridesmaids or perhaps you just want to feel the wedding vibes tonight! Pick yourself some popcorn, light some cosy candles and pick one of these gems to get on the big screen!

1. Bridesmaids: This is a total obvious for your girlie evenings! Brush up on your bridesmaid skills and aim for something in the middle of Annie and Helen with your bridesmaid duties! Full of laughs and girlie fun, youll love it! ( best served with face masks and a glass of bubbly..)

2. 27 Dresses: Katherine Heigl, James Marsden, an epic soundtrack and a hilarous romance is the recipe for the perfect wedding movie! Get ready for sister drama and Bennie and the Jets.

3. The Proposal: Another great rom com, Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock are hilarious in this wedding movie, I could watch this one over and over again!

4. Made of Honour: The journey of best friends to romance! I love this movie! Put this on your watch list for those who're married, marrying or dating their best friend! There will be giggles and tears for sure!

5. The Wedding Planner: Saving my absolute favourite till last! Grab yourself some m and ms, separate the brow ones and enjoy them while you put this wedding movie on the big screen with your besties!

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